Plastic Pollution: « Epic Academy cemented in me the importance of taking action »- Kathryn Anderson- Ocean Legacy Foundation

Since Monday 29th, negotiations on the international treaty against plastic pollution are ongoing in Paris until June 2. As a reminder, negotiations began earlier this week at UNESCO. Last year, on march 2nd, the United Nations concluded a historic agreement, the first global decision to end plastic pollution. Following a first negotiating session in Uruguay at the end of 2022, discussions on the treaty continue in Paris, followed by three more sessions by the end of 2024 which should facilitate the adoption of the treaty scheduled for 2025. With this in mind, Era Environnement, the radio of environmental education has taken the initiative to show and explain activities in the world which can have an impact in the daily Iives of people .

Your Voice with Kathryn Anderson

Kathryn Anderson, Ocean Legacy Foundation

Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache interviewed Kathryn Anderson on her activities with Ocean Legacy foundation, an non governmental organization based in British Columbia in Canada. Kathryn Anderson is a Certified Adult Educator who works for Ocean Legacy Foundation since 2022 as the Education Coordinator . Her role is to support the development and expansion of Ocean Legacy’s EPIC Academy, a free online ocean plastics education platform accessible in English, French and Spanish from anywhere on the globe that has internet.  She conducts outreach and engagement to build relationships with individuals, business, decision-makers and influencers, all levels of government, fellow educators and students, to inform the public about the issues surrounding plastic pollution and how communities can create plastic-free oceans.

 Listen to Your Voice with Kathryn Anderson by Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache.

What is EPIC Academy about?

EPIC Academy is the education division of The Ocean Legacy Foundation. It provides individuals, businesses and organizations interested in learning more about ocean plastic pollution with easily accessible, free resources to start the learning journey, with the goal of building a global community that collaborates to advance plastic pollution cleanup efforts, evidence-based policy expansion and infrastructure development to better manage plastic resources.
The EPIC program takes a 4-pillar approach to identify, cleanup and prevent plastic waste from entering tributary and marine ecosystems: Education (& research),Policy (& advocacy),Infrastructure (development)
Cleanup (& restoration)


ERA ENVIRONNEMENT est un média basé à Samba M’Bodoni, un village situé aux Comores, dans l’Océan Indien. Basée anciennement à Paris en , en France, cette association a été dissoute en 2017 .En Avril 2018, ERA ENVIRONNEMENT est devenue une entreprise de presse comorienne connue sous le registre de commerce N° 8671-B-18 .
Située dans l’un des six Petits Etats Insulaires en développement d’Afrique, l'entreprise ERA ENVIRONNEMENT a commencé ses activités en Janvier 2019. Cette entreprise de presse est l’unique média intégrant une formation au développement durable et aux changements climatiques, avec une équipe de jeunes et de seniors journalistes.

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