COP 23- Africa- Pacific : The Green Climate Fund in figures

COP 23- Africa- Pacific : The Green Climate Fund in figures

A few years later after its operationalization, the Green Climate  Fund shows through figures how it is targeting Africa and the Pacific.

By Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache

07-27- 2017

In Africa


The Green Climate Fund ( GCF) of the United Nations has provided USD 700,000 to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Rwanda, a GCF direct access Accredited Entity, to assist the development of projects under the Fund’s Project Preparation Facility ( PPF), according to a press release from the GCF.

The Project Preparation Facility (PPF) supports project and programme up to 1,5 million for each request. It can be provided through grants and repayable grants.

In Africa, the Green Climate Fund has also disbursed USD 120,000 to Mauritania for activities through its readiness programme. This readiness programme provides developing countries resources to enhance country ownership and access to climate finance.

In the Pacific

GCF also has provided USD 130,000 in Readiness assistance, the second part of a USD 300,000 grant, to the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), an organization governed by 26 Small Island Developing States (SIDS) that coordinates the design and implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation projects across the Pacific.


Through a partnership with United Nations Environment, over USD 1.4 million have been disbursed to help boost the capacities for climate programmes in Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Maldives, Nepal and Tonga, explained a the GCF press release.To date, the Green Climate Fund has disbursed more than USD 9 million for Readiness activities in developing countries across all regions.

According to the Green Climate Fund guidelines, National Designated Entities may request readiness and preparatory support from the Fund related to Gender training and capacity. They may also obtain gender training and capacity building, through partnerships with organizations such as bilateral, multilateral and international organizations, as well as NGOs. Among funding activities, the Fund will also support knowledge exchange activities on gender and climate finance. Within the green climate fund, there is a three year action plan dedicated to gender which allows the fund to implement its gender policy.





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