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By Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache

Twenty six year old Nigeria gender activist Sakeenat Bello started to advocate with the Millenium Development Goals while she was in high School.

She is today a member of the African Youth Network, the Yali Network. She is also the representative of the youth for programmes related to the protection of the environment in  Northern Nigeria. She is fighting against deforestation. She has set for herself a mission to change the mindset of youth and women in 4 communities by giving solutions, through Biomass Briquettes. Ms Bello is working with women from marginalized rural areas.

Listen to « Your voice», the Sustainable Development Podcast of  Era Environnement

Music: Sapheiros « Reaching out »

Sakeenat Bello
Tree planting activity
Sakeena Bello with the community


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